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About Us

Chhoti Si Asha is a women-led organization that is committed to empowering women by providing them with livelihood opportunities. We nurture the indigenous crafts of embroidery, crochet, weaving, stitching, among many more. The women artisans are active contributors to the art community in Chandigarh and beyond, and are steadily moving towards complete financial freedom with the help of Liza and Jatinder, our co-founders. The goal is to place these hardworking and talented artisans with local boutiques and brands to ensure their artistic and economic freedom.

The meaning of our name is “a small hope”– a hope towards making a positive change in the lives of all those who are a part of this initiative and are touched by it.

The organization operates a livelihood centre at village Khudda Jassu near Chandigarh, where neighbouring communities come together to self-manage and operate various initiatives, such as:  

1. Stitch-a-Living – This is Chhoti Si Asha’s flagship initiative, where women from village communities of Nayagaon, Khudda Lahora and Khudda Jassu come together to make hand-stitched bags, handicrafts, lifestyle décor products and other merchandise. These products are designed using various materials such as hand printed cotton, jute, canvas and denim and are sold through retail online and offline stores, exhibitions and conferences. You can take a look at everything we hand-craft with love here

2. Badlaav – meaning ‘change’ - is an after school educational program for the children of these village communities. The center runs regular tutoring sessions with a focus on basic Hindi, English and Mathematics, as also storytelling, arts, crafts and leadership. The intent is to help children cultivate skills of logical thinking and understand the multiple, complex issues that surround them.

3. Hamara Bank - an informal, micro loan program managed by the women members of the Chhoti Si Asha community.

Aside from these programs, Chhoti Si Asha helps its community in availing Government schemes in education, vocational training and public food distribution system. It also focuses on the inner development of its community members through workshops on meditation, street theatre, hygiene, and cooperative game-playing.

Registered as Society No. 12 of Year 2009-10 under Society’s Registration Act of 1860
Work Address : H. No 28, Village Khudda Jassu, near Gugga Mani Temple, Chandigarh 160014