Chhoti Si Rasoi

Chhoti Si Asha(CSA) is a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to create livelihood opportunities for women in a conscious and sensitive manner.

Chhoti Si Rasoi is an extension of that purpose, a community kitchen that is driven towards creating another way for the women of this region to tackle the many socio-economic challenges they face. As of today, 

Chhoti Si Rasoi provides both catering and tiffin delivery services in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.  

The Tiffin service

Although new, the tiffin service has already picked up around town and for good reason! We are among the very few tiffin services in town that make sure the food is all scrumptious, healthy and affordable.

DetailsThe meal includes two dishes, rice, rotis, salad and chutney.Cost125/- per meal (inclusive of delivery within 4km from Khuda Lahora)(Delivery charge beyond 4kms will be charged as per the drop off service)

Meet The Chefs

Malkito: Multi-talented and hard-working, she brings life to any room she enters! It is her attention to detail that ensures Chhoti Si Asha's beautiful trunks are flawless, and now she is joining Granmaknows as the chef. She is a lady with an endless supply of smiles, and a courageous attitude that never ceases to inspire.

Anjana: Full of spontaneous laughter and faith, Anjana offers everything she cooks first to the Ganesha idol in our kitchen. Her preference to cook in silence doesn't give one a hint of all the colourful stories and anecdotes she tells us in her free time. We are not only hooked on her tales but also the yummy tiffins that she prepares daily to support her family.