Stories Behind Products

We are passionate craft lovers who bring indigenous techniques like embroidery, weaving, and crochet to life. With a rural background and skilled artisans, we create innovative designs and product names through our passion and inspiration, resulting in thoughtful handcrafted products.

~हर कोने का एक क़िस्सा है, हर कारीग़री की एक कहानी है~

Passionate Craft Lovers Creating Thoughtful Indigenous Products

We are true lovers of crafts and this led us to bring some very thoughtful products into existence. We work on various indigenous crafts-embroidery, crochet, weaving, stitching, among many more. Coming from a rural background with rich traditional craft skills, our artisans bring innovative design & craft ideas to the workshop.

We have an interesting take on how we do our handcrafted products. The design ideas, crafts and even the names of our products are a result of our sheer passion for these crafts.

Our product ideas can be born out of a nostalgic memory, a silly laugh with our colleagues and sometimes from the hidden talents of our artisans-our products are created with a lot of thought & passion.

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Bringing Back Nostalgia: The Story of Our Handmade Ludo Game and Tic Tac Toe Combo

It all started with our quest to create a handmade game. Being an old school we wanted to make a nostalgic game. A game which can bring friends and family together on a fine afternoon on the terrace while munching moongfali with cousins and play the good old game of LUDO!

Our artisan Renu took the initiative of trying this idea and with few resources she took this as her homework. The sample Renu created was appreciated by our teams and we thought to include more teams into crafting this game.

For the final version, Jaheer Bhaiya worked on the pattern along with Renu. We then planned to include the fun game of tic tac toe at the backside of the game. This work was given to Suhga team to design. The tokens of the games are hand crocheted by the crochet team and what emerged is one of our most popular item!

Dimensions: 13 x 13 inches (Length x Width)

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Rekindling Childhood Memories: The Story of Our Handmade Snakes & Ladder Game

It’s not a brainer that we wanted to do “Snakes & Ladder” once we finished creating LUDO. We wanted to give our customers all the reasons to love our handmade games and what better than everybody's favorite childhood game- Saanp-Seedhi?

During the same time, our embroidery design team had just finished their training and it was a good time for them to pick up a product!

This handmade game is special to Chhoti Si Asha as it has been very thoughtfully put together by our various teams. The main board made of denim and the mark-in fabric has been put together with a lot of care by our stitching team. However, it is the meticulous hand embroidery that really makes this product most unique!

The crocheted counters in the game, 4 different colored pieces for snakes and ladders, and 10 pieces (two color sets) for tic tac toe have been added and put in a small drawstring pouch or potli.

The game is foldable and packed in a lightly embroidered fabric drawstring pouch making it an ideal travel buddy.
Size: 13" by 13"

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Chhoti Si Asha's Dedication to Crochet: Creating a Variety of Products and Encouraging the Craft Through the Memory Game

Crochet is one craft which is extensively created at Chhoti Si Asha. We have a dedicated team who makes a variety of crochet products here.

However, initially, we wanted to encourage the pretty craft and give more products to our crochet team. And thus, the memory game was executed.

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Empowering Women Artisans Through Upcycling: Chhoti Si Asha's Basket Weaving Project

We did a small survey in our artisans residential colony where we observed that a lot of the women knew the craft of basket weaving. However, the raw material they were using was difficult to resource at that time. As we were already producing products made out of chindi (waste material), we decided to create baskets from the available material. 

The baskets then emerged as a beautiful design we could introduce to our product range. From smaller to even basket sets are now available to purchase.

Made from up-cycled waste fabric ropes and tightly coiled together, these baskets are sturdy and sustainable!

Dimensions: 12" (diameter) by 10" (Height).

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Empowering Artisans and Expanding Product Line: Chhoti Si Asha's Journey from Baskets to Coasters, Torans, and Pen Stands

Even though our baskets are aesthetically pretty, we weren’t able to sell them online as much initially. Due to this, our basket weaving artisans weren’t able to earn as much. To give more work to our artisans and generate opportunities- we planned to design smaller products which occupy less space. 

This led to beautiful sets of coasters, toran & pen-stands.

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