Collaborate with Chhoti Si Asha

Are you a small business looking for craft based artisans, craft designers or white label production of goods that you can resell ?
Reach us at for a discussion.

Capacity Ramp-Up

Are you looking to grow your business' production, but need flexibility on team sizing and are apprehensive of ballooning costs? We can help you set up a flexible-sized team that is pre-skilled in embroidery, kantha/sujha work, crochet toys, crochet motifs, knitting and tailoring. These artisans can work as a skilled remote team, helping you save scale-up expenses.

Product Re-selling

Looking for contemporary and market-driven hand crafted products to sell? Check out our collection at and contact us for bulk purchases at

White Label Production

If you are looking for white label production of a hand-crafted product, reach out and our women artisans would be happy to handcraft the product for you as per your specifications.

Gift Ideas

Are you looking for hand-crafted products and gift-ideas for your company or institute? Check our website for our collection and we will be happy to customize items as per your need and budget.