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Badlaav is an after-school educational program and library for the children of village communities of Nayagaon, Khudda Lahora and Khudda Jassu.

It aims to provide a co-shared, safe space where children can further their learning via a mix of peer learning, classroom teachings, workshops, instructional media, travel etc.

Most children in these village colonies don’t have access to educational opportunities. Further, with a large number of adults around being illiterate or semi-literate, they also lack mentorship for the challenges they face in their educational journey.

The center runs regular tutoring sessions with focus on basic Hindi, English and Mathematics. We sometimes do additional sessions on the weekend including storytelling, arts and leadership building to help children cultivate logical thinking and understand the multiple, complex issues that surround them.

In 2018, children from Badlaav went for a five day workshop to the Deer Park Institute in Bir, Himachal Pradesh to learn about ecology, environment and team building.
In 2019, a group of children went for a week long workshop to Shri Aurobindo Ashram in New Delhi on awareness, understanding the self, and building skills towards conflict resolution. Many children later said that the workshop was “life changing” for them.

Badlaav aspires to help the children make constructive choices and informed decisions, so they can benefit themselves and the larger community they are a part of.