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Vision and Mission

“The women of my home are fierce,
the last you could do is coerce.
They have grown up believing they are Goddesses,
they are too uncontainable for your rules and cautiousness.
What you could do is not move them, but move with them.”

At Chhoti Si Asha, we understand that though these privileges come from things which aren’t controllable, a little push to those deprived of them can make a lot of difference, a little hope goes a long way.

We, strive to be that little ray of hope in lives of people seeking it.

The first issue we delve with is Women Empowerment, majorly by making them financially independent, using the skills they have already acquired over the years. The women of Janta Colony plan, decide and execute things all by themselves- wherein we facilitate their jobs. We believe in cooperation, rather than leading communities, and thus our community outreach programs and our teams aren’t coerced into ideas, but are an integral part of ideation.

We aren’t preaching, but engaging.  

When it comes to education of children, our priority is to make them understand- things, people and the world, in a way where they don’t think it is extraneous pressure, but an enjoyable necessity. We have chosen education through alternative means, and vocational studies to accessorize what they learn.