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Collaborate with Us

Through Project Disha at Chhoti Si Asha we aim to provide up-skill training to women to become artisans and thus enable them to have access to better livelihood opportunities.  Up-skill training includes working on technical skills such as Quality, Detail, and Design, and soft skills which include interpersonal communication, work ethics and leadership. With each passing day, as the women work on honing their erstwhile hobbies into craft skills, every product they make is a journey they undertake towards becoming artisans. 

This project is sponsored by Parexel with support from United Way, Bengaluru. 



Check out the skills of Various Artisan Clusters:

Embroidery: Team Satrang Portfolio

Sujha: Team Bhagirathi Portfolio

Ways to Collaborate with Us and Engage with Our Artisans

Are you a small business looking for craft based artisans, craft designers or white label production of goods that you can re-sell ? Reach us at for a discussion.

Here is how we can help you grow:

  • Capacity Ramp-Up: Are you looking to grow your business' production, but need flexibility on team sizing and are apprehensive of ballooning costs? We can help you setup a flexible-sized team that is pre-skilled in embroidery, kantha/sujha work, crochet toys, crochet motifs, knitting and tailoring. These artisans can work as a skilled remote team, helping you save scale-up expenses.

  • Product Re-selling: Looking for contemporary and market-driven hand crafted products to sell? Check out our collection at and contact us for bulk purchases at

  • If you are looking for white label production of a hand-crafted product, reach out and our women artisans would be happy to handcraft the product for you as per your specifications.

  • Are you looking for hand-crafted products and gift-ideas for your company or institute? Check our website for our collection and we will be happy to customise items as per your need and budget.